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Our Expertise

In the normal course of business companies are constantly involved in activities that require or could be aided by an appraisal or other valuation services. Arthur Lloyd offers a wide range of professional asset valuation and consulting services to meet those needs.  Through both our internal resources and our key alliance professionals, we provide the intellectual muscle and practical experience to identify and solve a multitude of valuation problems.


We have experience in performing valuations and rendering opinions for a variety of business purposes including:

  • Acquisition, Divestiture and Business Planning

  • Financial Reporting- ASC 805, ASC 820, ASC 350

  • Federal Tax Reporting- IRC 338(h)10

  • Ad Valorem/ Property Tax Appeal, Negotiation and Strategic Planning

  • Asset-based Lending Including Sale/ Leaseback

  • Bankruptcy and Litigation Support

  • Insurable Value Analysis and Loss Negotiation

  • Restructuring and Turnaround Management

  • Corporate Strategic Planning and Reporting

  • Cost Segregation Studies

We have specific experience performing a variety of types of valuations that include:

  • Complete Machinery, Equipment and Other Tangible Asset Valuations

  • Inventory Valuations Including Work-In-Process and Finished Goods

  • Fixed Asset Lifing, Obsolescence and Depreciation Studies

  • Embedded Costs, Soft Costs, CIP and Pollution Control Studies

  • Fixed Asset Record Creation, Reconciliation and Cleanup

  • Asset Inventory, Tagging and Reconciliations

In addition, through our key alliance partners, we can provide complete Real Estate, Business and Intangible Asset valuation and consulting services.


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